12 broken password for avjiali 2023-01-29

use the list benath to access avjiali.com with following password

please do not try more then 3 different logins or your ip might get blocked
only use this approved login form listed here https://join.avjiali.com/track/Mzc2MC4yLjE3LjE3LjAuMC4wLjAuMA

Password Login 1 Username WrmexMCAbgUs Password jXgiJqwXzuae – gives 20% Discount only

Password Login 2 Username aRWrdaPPDpQK Password kiUhpcRFzOfT 6 month password without limitations

Password Login 3 Username KmeqQqwJBhkU Password zYeyKdCxWwTb usable for another 24 hours

Password Login 4 Username DKTOQQFTMUNW Password wtIpWfvythfG

Password Login 5 Username dFQUfVpKgakS Password cFVxeliyrPwk

Password Login 6 Username ABQvHMLrTMCL Password OhHmmTvLkkhv

Password Login 7 Username HEobPUnLdmxt Password SuVrNjaqDfKd – 23 reported dead

Password Login 8 Username FQkUfhsuvvOt Password ACmMdbkrtyHp – 74 Users report Pass okay

Password Login 9 Username cQxUNmetIYCN Password fuAeIIJWgPnh – Pass is valid in Germany only

Password Login 10 Username eFIcivhDVllE Password ViKLvRzuGPwp

Password Login 11 Username AeaeBWQJDXJJ Password zqFxmGWXAWJn

Password Login 12 Username hRczmhnQDWBT Password ToxXFRowraRO – Password is valid only with German IP

Password Login 13 Username JdBCXQaUvRjR Password jkJXSwggJlde